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“I was very worried and confused before going for IVF with donors eggs . As my husband is a  know genetic carrier of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

As I cannot produce good quality of eggs my IVF specialist told me to use donor eggs. But we must be sure about donor status for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and for any other genetic diseases she should not be a carrier.

It come to my peace when our doctor told us to contact Mr Ravi Sharma from ART Healthcare-ARTbaby as they offer egg donors with genetically screened for more than 300 genetic diseases from all races.

We were happy as we got the result about egg donor was not  a carrier for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and also not a carrier for more than 300 other genetic diseases.

We went ahead with a successful & ongoing pregnancy. Thanks to Mr Ravi Sharma & his dedicated staff for giving us peace of mind – Pratima Mishra -USA“.

“We went for a IVF with donor eggs cycle with ART Healthcare-ARTbaby. We got the successful pregnancy but it came as a nightmare to me when I received my husband report on Genetic diseases. He is a carrier of POMT1 mutation which can cause the congenital muscular dystrophies in the child if other partner is also a carrier for the same. We immediately contacted Mr Ravi Sharma to get the tests done for the egg donor also for POMT1 mutation. We really appreciate his prompt action on this.

It was end of our sleepless nights when we got the negative report for POMT1 as well as for more than 300 other genetic diseases for which egg donor was screened.

Thanks to Mr Ravi Sharma & his staff. Now we are living with a healthy baby  Sophie -France