For intended parents who are expecting a healthy baby in coming months, it is important to get the genetic mapping done to ensure good health and reduce the chances of passing any genetic diseases to them.

Genetic Mapping – A Short Intro

Genetic mapping or linkage mapping is all about offering firm evidence that a diseases transmitted from parent to child is linked to one or more genes. Mapping is the best and easiest way that provides clues about which chromosomes include the gene and where they lie on the chromosomes. This medical procedure of testing has been used successfully to find the gene that is responsible for relatively rare, single-gene inherited disorders that include, but not limited to cystic fibrosis, Duchene Muscular dystrophy and a lot more.

They are useful in guiding scientists to the many genes that are believed to play a main role in beginning and development of more common disorders that include heart diseases, diabetes, asthma, cancer, psychiatric conditions and similar other conditions and problems.

Way of Creating Genetic Mapping

Genetic mapping is started with the procedure of collecting blood or tissue samples from members of families – in case of certain diseases or traits are prevalent. It is also important to note that DNA markers don’t do itself on their own by identify the gene responsible for the diseases or traits. DNA are also isolated from these samples and tested or examine for unique patterns that are seen only in family members who have potential disease or trait.

It is also important to note that DNA markers don’t identify the gene responsible for the diseases or traits. However, they keep researchers informed about the availability of gene on the chromosomes.

In this way, when egg or sperm started developing – the chromosomes (that make up person’s genome) starts exchange stretches of DNA. It is called a shuffling process and recombination where the single chromosome in a reproductive cell include some stretches of DNA from the person’s mother and some from father.

If any of the genes is close to a DNA market, the gene and marker likely stay together for the duration of recombination process and they are more potential to pass on together from parent to child.

Know About Genetic Markers – It Is Essential

Markers include DNA – that doesn’t contain a gene. However, markers help a researcher to locate disease-causing gene and they are extremely valuable for tracking inheritance of traits through generations of a family.

Genetic Mapping is beneficial for intended parents who are expecting a healthy baby in the coming months. It is truly a miracle for them that help them to identify potential diseases and then take the right step to get rid of them.

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